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(I hope this is okay as a first post. It'd probably would have been more polite to do an introduction post first, but the guidelines weren't exactly clear about whether that was a requirement or not. If you require a certain clearance or acknowledgement before posting, I'd be more than happy to take this down/have it taken down)

Some therians subconsciously view people as prey. There’s a sense of superiority, an underlying knowledge that everybody around you is a step down on the food chain. They don’t acknowledge it, but it’s there all the same. In the wild, an ordinary lion is going to eat an average human. In a shopping centre surround by slightly overweight, lumbering, distracted people, a hungry lion would be having a field day. At the least, there’s an understanding that ‘I have teeth and claws and am bigger and stronger than you,’ which leaves a lot to be desired when there’s any possibility of a physical altercation.

You’d probably assume that on the other hand, there are therians that are instinctively afraid of humans. Maybe a wary, easily startled deer, or a rabbit, caught in the headlights. Maybe these therians flinch at sudden movements and sounds, or freeze and then skitter away when someone elbows into them in a crowded space.

As someone who identifies as a wolf, I fall into the latter category, perhaps surprisingly considering others I have spoken to. I have maintained, and will always maintain, that wolves; natural, wild wolves, are shit scared of people. A wolf isn’t going to attack a person. It’s going to run away at the very sound of someone approaching. And that’s the truth for me as well. I’m acclimatised to people. If someone walks into me, I can deal with it and internalise it, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a part of me that treats everyone as suspicious. I never really understood that, when you’re in a room and a stranger walks in why, do people automatically assume they’re okay?

Realistically, unless they’re wielding a sawn off shotgun, strangers in the same space as you are not out to get you. This isn’t paranoia, and your chances of getting murdered are statistically pretty low. However, that doesn’t necessarily make other people safe. They’re unpredictable and a little crazy, and the problem with being as I am is that I am all too painfully aware that my teeth are not well suited to biting, and I am not stronger than most people, and I am not even faster than people. If somebody limps, my eyes are drawn to them. If they are ill or weak or slow, there’s a certain manner of singling them out from the group. Yet even then there’s a knowledge that they are not easy prey. They are not to be underestimated.

The instinctive reaction for some people appears to be aggression, and that’s not how I experience it. When cornered, probably, when defensive or protective, likely. But put me toe to toe with some guy outside of a tournament and I’m going to run the heck away as fast as I can.

Last year, I was bitten by a large, white, German Shepherd type dog whilst delivering papers. My reaction was not to growl, or to attack, or even to run away. I stood there. I looked at my arm. Saw the puncture wound. And then I calmly instructed my friend to ring my dad so he could take me to the hospital, as my arm was shaking too much to hold the phone properly. I distinctly remember apologising profusely to the woman who owned the dog and telling her that I was perfectly fine, because English politeness dictates that I should comfort the slightly hysterical woman regardless.

My instinctive reaction to fear is not then, to act aggressively. It’s to freeze. The image is easy to recall, the dog is running towards me, and the last thought I can remember is ‘Oh, shit’ before I put my arm up to my chest/face area to protect it. I didn’t move from the spot. And when people scare me, get too close, behave in a way that makes me uncomfortable, that’s also my reaction. I stop internally, I stifle any feelings deep inside, and I carry on.

People are not something I see as prey. I see a herd of horses or deer, and there’s that instinctive reaction, the rush of knowledge and longing. A group of people do not bring about the same effect. A group of people make me want to be invisible, quiet and small and unnoticed. I want to be able to pass by quietly, so I do.

This isn’t to say that I am shy, or do not interact with people. I have brilliant, wonderful friends, a girlfriend, and I’m more than happy to be the person who goes and asks a stranger where the closest bathroom is, or order food from a waitress. I can walk head held high down the street all I like, and make cocky arguments in debate with total strangers, but I still have an instinctive reaction of suspicion and negativity towards people’s intentions which as a rational, thinking human, I like to optimistically believe is not true. 

People are a lot like wolves, in the end. A lot of what I feel, everybody feels, even if I base it in something rather more eccentric. I believe that if you pitted a human and a wolf against each other in a room, chances are the wolf would come out on top. But probably not before it tried to run away first.

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I was thinking this morning that I should submit something here and these thoughts came to me. Warning: some of this might be a little gory for some folks. 

 “From one monster to another.” – Dr. Whale, Once Upon A Time

Wolf is not a cuddly puppy. Despite the romanticized ideals society has attached to wolves, they are not the soft and gentle, noble creatures, often portrayed in popular media. Sometimes, I am not a noble wolf.

During the winter months, when wolf is more prevalent, I want to use my teeth to tear and bite at my meat. To sink my maw into hot, fresh blood and sate my hunger on my prey. I want to use my blunt claws to rip at the underbelly and get at the tender innards too.  I want to crack bones with my jaws to get at the delicious marrow inside. Then I want to lick my fur clear and sleep for days.

In the midst of hunger, I see weak humans around me and children as prey. Easy prey. Soft, tender flesh which is easy, too easy, to tear into. Wolf sees humans as lazy, slow and fat and there for the taking. If it limps, my attention is instantly snapped towards it. If it shows any sign of being weaker than the herd, it’s also singled out immediately. Wolf’s mouth has been known to water at all the food nearby.

But the hunter is also wary, knowing these pink monkeys are nothing if but intelligent and therefore dangerous. When I find myself slipping into the starving wolf’s mindset, I need to remind myself that humans are not food, despite being so easy to kill.

My fur is not clean, but rather is flea bitten, has burs, sometimes with patches here and there, and is mangy. Not cat-clean. Not rabbit-fur soft. Rough and wiry to the touch. And wolf does not like touch. Humans touch to show affection, but they do it wrong to wolf. Wolf touches noses, and smells companions, rubs heads and along bodies, wags tail, paws at the ground. Sometimes mouths pack mates. Wolf does not like to be petted, wolf likes to initiate contact.

Sometimes wolf will lick in fondness, to invite proceedings and nuzzle. But then wolf wants to bite during romantic interludes, to pull away and snap to draw blood. To snarl and growl and not in an enticing way. The reaction to pain, intense sensations, heightened emotions, is always to bite. Wolf courtship is rough and not romantic.

Wolf wants to hunt, eat, sleep, fuck. Wolf is definitely not the family dog.

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Ok so… I’m not exactly sure where to start with this post.. Except I guess with an actual introduction and then moving on from there... so...here goes..

Short History )

I’m not quite sure where else to go with this post… and I’ve written much more than I thought I ever could on such short notice/so quickly. But hopefully I’ve explained it in a manner that you can all understand, without the usual cliché’s and stereotypes.
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(Cross-posted from my personal journal after some thought...)

I have to wonder, when Rudyard Kipling wrote those words as part of the lupine Jungle Law, the law that young Mowgli grows to live by while raised by the Mother Wolf Raksha, if he could have known just how accurate he was?

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Well, I figured it was about time that I stopped just dipping a paw into the metaphorical water of this group and actually leapt on in, so here goes.

Most know me as Kaitlyn, a nineteen year old (in three days! ^_^)woman who attends a small liberal-arts school in Ohio, is currently working towards getting a degree in music and possibly (theatre/psychology/anthropology/english), and is trying to live in the best way I can for myself and those around me. My general interests include reading, writing, swimming, walking in the woods, gaming of all sorts, and role-playing. In terms of describing my religion and spirituality, I suppose you might use the term shamanic practitioner, though I guess I really just consider myself a student of spirits and my own experiences, and a believer in some form of sacred life-force that connects all beings as equals.

To a limited few I'm known as Ekunyi, a red-wolf person with a penchant for reading up on all things related to therianthropy, if perhaps tending to be a tad shy about writing about it herself. I do tend to stalk websites or groups, interested in hearing more about others' experiences and then trying to learn from them, but I rarely get around to posting in them myself. This is usually done out of concern that my writings won't be good enough, but admittedly sometimes out of fear of someone I know making the connection between those writings and the human-me they know in person and then deeming me crazy.

I've tried to work towards bridging the gap between these two selves. I joined Werelist a few years ago, but the tendency for arguments to rise among members (and then dissolving into insult-wars), and my recognition of a fair amount of elitism amongst some of the "elders" of the forums made me lose interest. Nevertheless, here I am, giving it another go. I am determined to find the same pride in my writings and thoughts as I have in being able to consider myself red wolf, while hopefully learning a fair bit from you folks, who seem to be a wonderfully understanding bunch with incredibly intelligent things to say about your experiences as animal people. I look forward to getting to know you better, and reading more of your writings!
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Greets, all :)

Very, very good idea for a community, I gotta say!

I'm a twenty-something wolf therian living in lovely Seattle, recently transplanted from Pittsburgh. I've been happily married to [livejournal.com profile] teriel for...wow...three months now. I'm a pagan and a practicing magician, with an emphasis on animism, totemism and animal magics (gee, who woulda guessed?) Some of ya already know me, some don't, but it's good to be here regardless :)

I've always liked writing, though the B.A. in English pretty much solidified it for me. I've been writing semi-professionally for a couple of years now; my first book, Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic came out earlier this year, and my next one, A Field Guide to Otherkin, is going to be out this coming March.

Here are a couple of things I've written on therianthropy, two of which are hosted elsewhere (but feel free to add them to the queue). I'm sure I'll come up with more at a later time, hence part of why I'm here (the other part being to read :) :

I Am Not a Werewolf

Wolf Therians and Pack - this is the first of three essays I wrote of varying lengths on what Pack means to me. It does have a link at the bottom to the original LJ post.

Here's the second part - some of this material went into "I Am Not a Werewolf" above.

And the third part
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I've been reading through some of the entries here and I thought I'd introduce myself. Some of this might not make a lot of sense, as I'm too tired to write well; hopefully in the future I'll be able to organize my thoughts a little more coherently.

As an aside, I just realized that I made the base used as this community's icon. Small world.

Hey, there are such tender wolves 'round town tonight )
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Some musings (and a bit of moaning) on being "extinct".

Into the tar pit that is my mind/soul )


Mar. 20th, 2006 05:14 pm
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Short, rapidly inspired piece about the differences in bodily locomotion between a quadruped and a biped, also touches on senses and personal vision.

More poetic than explanatory, methinks, but take it as you please.

Comments, opinions, critiques, all welcome.

Naked )
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I go by the names Paleo, Wolfenheart, or Paleo Wolfenheart. I am a dire wolf therian who enjoys contemplating her animal-self from both scientific and spiritual viewpoints. My scientific backgrounds are mostly in psychology, animal behavior, anthropology, and a smattering of others. My spirituality leans heavily towards the animistic, shamanic, and totemistic.
I am 27 years old, from Texas, and am biologically female. I do find it hard to identify as "woman", but not because I am transgendered, but because I loathe the culural restrictions that Western society chooses to cage the ideas of "man" and "woman" into.
When I have time and inspiration, I write essays. I also write some creative prose, but mostly that is private, though this community might tempt me to try my hand at creative prose to explore what I call dire-mind.
I look forward to seeing posts from you all.


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