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(This started as something i wrote frustrated with another idea stalling. It feels like a cute little metaphor for the self so i built up on it a little.Some knowledge of unix helps though i tried to explain as well as i can- the original shorter version is rather shorter and i'll post it on a comment.)


what is the / ? In unix terminology / refers to the root directory, from which all other directories are extended from. So.. what is the / for a person?

To start with, what kind of system are we?Obviously we run in a sort of social network, though unlike the typical unix system, we obviously cannot mount /home from another system, unless some way to transfer an entire file system.

we also have various /dev/ and peripherals  for various kinds of intersystem interactions, some of which result in the formation of miniature systems.
Mostly they are under /dev/body as a system to environment interface. We work co-operatively in a shared network, storing memories, and impressions through discrete datafiles. Body has various data i/o devices, though they are either read only (/dev/body/eyes/ - though this occationally gets into a runaway situation, or /dev/body/ears/ which dosen't always accept input gracefully) or write only (/dev/body/hands/ which occationally get into areas where permissions are insufficient, causing file system crashes due to external crashes.). There are also unusual devices such as /dev/body/mouth which may be used either as a input or a data output. many devices though can be adapted to uses they might not have been designed for (such as /dev/body/mouth interfacing with /dev/body/foot on some error conditions.Usage of multifunction devices (eg /dev/body/mouth/ for  input and data output) in more than function is not recommended.

We have quite certainly a /dev/random considering how unpredictable biological systems are.Situations termed 'in one ear out the other' and lost files from /bin,/home and /etc would indicate the presence of a /dev/null and some degree of active garbage collection in the filesystem, perhaps to optimise data recovery

Obviously we have a set of unconcious actions and needs which would be /lib -presumably only an admin or poweruser would be able to modify these, and not all of them.I suppose that basic human values (and animal and otherkin sides) would be /sbin - essential system binaries, without which the system as a whole would not function effectively.we go to school and fill our /bin and /home with data and programmes, and i suppose /etc as well, colouring how we see the world.

so.. what is the root? the root is simply everything I am.it is me


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