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Hello all. I’ve lurked around AQ a bit now and found this to be a wonderful and thought provoking collection of writing from animal people, so I thought it was about time I introduced myself and stared doing a little more writing if I can.

In simple terms, I could call myself a snow leopard person. A year ago, I embarked on a six week snow leopard conservation project in Siberia that I initiated myself. I scaled steep, snowy scree slopes in the biting wind for the chance to stand for a moment by a shallow snow leopard scrape and drink in the views on the edge of Mongolia. It was an unforgettable experience to live in snow leopard country and listen to the locals speak of them and of their own lives, and I’ll do my best to relay some of those stories at some point if there is interest. I’ve given a good number of lectures on snow leopard conservation in my area and have spent years pouring over journal articles, following current research projects and developing personal relationships with those in the snow leopard conservation community. In other words, if you have snow leopard questions or just want to talk about them, ask and I’m quite sure I won’t be able to stop talking. I fervently look forward to the next time that I can heed the siren call back to central Asia…back to snow leopard country.

I experience the “shifts” and “phantom limbs”, so-to-speak, of those who feel deeply bonded with a species, though it’s at times exasperating to me to feel like I’m parroting back the same words I hear on forums. However, I’ve long felt more comfortable behind the pale grey-green eyes of a snow leopard and the physical features perpetually flow, ebb and mingle with my own. In short, my bond is with the reality of the flesh-and-blood animal; the snow leopard as it is, to the extent we’ll ever understand them.

My experiences and perception of reality don’t stop at being a snow leopard person, though that can be wordy to explain, so I’ll refrain from doing so here. In my mind I experience forms, animals and elements of the natural world from a variety of perspectives almost constantly, so the content of my stories will range far beyond only snow leopards. Essentially, snow leopards represent my strongest bond with a species on an emotional level, but in a more general sense any other natural form is something my mind lives to explore, with a focus more on the physicality aspects.

A few tidbits about me, to get a sense for the person behind this blurb: I’m a recent college graduate with a degree in geology (and almost in biology as well in all but name). My partner and I just moved into a new place and for the time being I’m dabbling in some things, teaching a fencing class, and exploring the idea of freelance travel writing on the side while I go through the process of researching grad school options. I’m a bit of a dabbler by nature, especially when it comes to all things science so I don’t know what might catch my interest next. I recently worked for a paleontology lab and some environmental remediation projects and before that an immunology lab and a planetary science lab (got to work with date from the Phoenix mission!). I hope to head in the direction of environmental conservation, perhaps with some travel writing on the side, but really, anything that allows travel, excessive outdoor time and the ability to work on snow leopard conservation projects at least as a hobby…that’s all I need.

I’ll close with random stuff I guess. I’ve fenced on the national level for most of my life and I also love sailing, skiing and windsurfing dearly. I also have adorable pet rats, nothing makes me happier than the fall/ early winter season, my boyfriend and I have big plans to someday construct our own part-treehouse, off-grid (as much as possible) home and we semi-seriously want pet emus someday. We have a wonderful habit of trekking off to barely-planned nowhere and setting up camp for the weekend, preferably during the winter. Snow camping! I will try any food at least once, including the horse sausage, barely cooked pig entrails and Mongolian yak cheese I consumed more than once in Russia. My rock/mineral/fossil collection is growing faster than I can manage. I’m very serious in my goal of hiking the Annapurna circuit and also visiting Hemis National Park, among other travel goals in the region. I dream of long-term “useful project” travel, as opposed to being a tourist for two weeks in a place. I…can’t stand chocolate but ginger is my one true food weakness.

That’s enough for an introduction I think. I love to talk when I find the time, and I tend to write in bursts, so posts are likely to be relatively infrequent, but lengthy. Hello again!

PS. I like to go by Ghost online, as tribute to the “ghosts of the mountain” as snow leopards are sometimes called. Their rarity is not romanticized mystery, as the name might imply, but rather in part a result of the challenges the species faces in the wild. The name is out of respect for them.
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I realize I haven't really introduced myself.

My parents, Polish immigrants, call me Mania (Mah-nyah); it is my nickname since childhood. As a little thing my fingers were always bent to form hands into paws, arms spread as wings, toes pointed into hoofs - I was any animal, all the animals; I could find a home in cat, dog, mouse, horse, hawk. I remember my mother urging me to uncurl my fingers and hold my hands normally, her discomfort with my need for paws. I remember my dad helping me make a jumping course in the backyard by hammering nails into picket stakes that I could force into the ground and place a dowel across and gallop around, leaping over, whinnying.
My childhood friends christened me Mare - with my deep love of horses - drawing, riding, pride in imitating snorts and whinnies, it was naturally what made sense when we sought nicknames in a childish pledge of eternal friendship.
My best friend, and I in our quiet teenage mischief lived in the symbols of fox and raccoon - she with her quiet rage, pride in her tail, and physical playfulness, me a little more friendly with stripes and little deft hands and curious nose, we gave testament to this with countless drawings, figurines, and matching fox and raccoon plushies.
I wrote a lot of stories in high school, and found it easy as one heavily invested in fantasy novels to create a species that would be the focal point for my drawings and fictions for four years: a patchwork and exaggerated combination of horse, deer, hyena, and raccoon: a blunt, toothy head with long delicate ears, a long maned neck, long thin legs ending in deft and ankled paws, a barrel chest, arching hip, matriarchal social structure, and vastly bushy striped tail. When I made prints at the local Staples they knew me as "the girl with the bunnyhorses".
My ex-girlfriend called me a lion, and it perplexed and somehow hurt me - I did not feel, at the time, like lion was anything pleasant - entitled, possessive, lazily male. She had meant it lightly, a pet name referring to my then-spiky mane and boyishness, but I was doubtful for a long time before embracing it as a sleepy, possessive, protective, and sexually starved identity of the adolescent lion with half-grown mane, lanky legs and stark ribcage, of not-there-yet, of waiting.
Deer had been building slowly for years and then came to the surface all at once. One of my favorite books as a child was about deer; at home in northern New England the white-tail and its tracks and bones were a common finding; across the road a hunting camp had a buck every season and brought venison to my parents which I refused to eat; I found a skeleton of a doe the first winter after leaving home and cleaned and disassembled it and reassembled it in sections - it hangs in my bedroom at my apartment. Deer was woken up within me by another animal-person who was living as such, while I had been tucking away any animality for years. It was pointed out to me that I was doe, skittish with a long, quiveringly sensitive neck, long thin legs, alternating indignation and readiness to flee. I have heard "You really are a deer" numerous times from numerous people over the past year.

At the present juncture I let these all flow through me as distillations of the aspects of my character, I am each at different times. Sometimes it is the stress and strength and powerful destructive jaws of the hyena that I feel; sometimes the deft paws, mischief, indignity and confidence of the raccoon; sometimes the willingness to pull for another, the heavy hoofs, steady gate and flat teeth of the horse; sometimes the desire, entitlement and sleepy possessiveness of the lion; usually the swiveling ears, skittishness, the long neck and the quiet of the doe.
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Hello, I am new hence the subject. I wanted to introduce myself properly so you all can accept me into the community a little better.

My name is Shadow_Searcher, Or you may call me Kristi if you like. I don't want to beat around the bush so I will just come out straight, I have been soul searching myself, studying and meditating for a long time. Just recently I was searching online for essays to help my search.
I came along a site called Thebaide. I looked over the essays there and the links, and found this community. Of course I jumped on the chance to talk with people that have been doing this longer then me. So I signed up, and am now hoping to be able to be as active as I can. I prefer to observe more then be in the conversation myself, but if it interests me, or something of that matter know that I will make time to post.
Be assured I do NOT plan to spam this place with junk, lie/rp things, mess with people, or involve myself in idiotic arguments or posts. Because I am not a fan of conflict. Sorry for being so formal and serious, I like to search. So getting into stupid things, is a waste so I'd rather avoid it.

I apologize in advance if I say something that isn't what you believe, but insults are not needed just give me your opinion on it. I am open to suggestions/ideas/ and everything else. I don't have a set of beliefs that I would hurt some one over if they didn't agree. Because having a closed mind isn't all that fun now is it? =)
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Ok so… I’m not exactly sure where to start with this post.. Except I guess with an actual introduction and then moving on from there... goes..

Short History )

I’m not quite sure where else to go with this post… and I’ve written much more than I thought I ever could on such short notice/so quickly. But hopefully I’ve explained it in a manner that you can all understand, without the usual cliché’s and stereotypes.
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Hello.. I'm just stopping in to say that I've put in to join this community. I really hope that I can be an active member. Its late right now but it anyone would like for me to delve deeper into the explanations of my 'anthropocentric' tendencies *dodges rocks and bottles* x.X or my animalistic qualities I would be more than happy to post such an entry... just not at 2am :/..

I hope you all are nice :)
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Hello there, I guess this is the part where I write about myself. This is my community lj, so you won't find any info or journals on this account. I'm know by a couple of names on the web, but none of them are really 'mine' . Until I find one, just call me fool. So, here we go, thoughts on me and Crow:

I have wings. Large, black wings. I have claws. I also have long, distinctly non-avian ears. I am bipedal.

In none of my memories do I have a beak. In none of my memories do I caw.

So why, whenever I hear the rasp of a crow, do I feel such a strong urge to answer?

Why, whenever I see a gathering of crows, do I feel a desperate emptiness and need to belong?

Why do I want to join them?

I am not a crow, I've never been a crow. I am otherkin, not a crow. I know what I am, what I was.

But what I was is so different from what I am now. I've found humor. I've found love. I've (dare I say it?) grown as a person. So maybe, in this life, I am a crow.

I think, that in this life, I am a crow. For some, odd, strange reason, I'm a crow. Was I adopted? Sounds unlikely, but it seems to be the closest thing to the truth I can find.

It seems almost as if Crow gave me a way to belong to this world.

Crow gave me guidance.

Crow gave me laughter.

Crow also gave me the most precious gift of all.

Crow gave me change.


Blah, that was horrible. I haven't written in ages. Anyway, hi!

Edit to add logic:

I see Crow as sort of the representative spirit of the species, kinda totem-esque, I guess. But I also feel like I am a crow. I also, however, strongly believe in reincarnation since I just remember stuff from before I was born. I remember what I was and who I was, and I wasn't human or animal, and I don't identify as being human.

In all honesty, I have trouble with relating to most humans to the point of being pissy. Most people irritate me, and I've found that the only people I can interact with without the danger of me laughing at them are other animal people or otherkin. I understand that this is a weakness and I'm currently trying to change my behavior. I'm very ashamed by my arrogance.

I believe in magic, though in a slightly different way than most people I know. If I had to label myself anything, I'd have to call myself a chaos magic practitioner. Chaote or what have you. I don't get into it that much since I don't believe that I have to do workings every hour of every day. In fact, it's been over two months since I've "done" anything. Unless there's a reason, I don't really bother.

I'm from the south, with all the country music and whatnot.

I'm currently working to get into an art school.

I used the little interest search thingy to find this community, and my favorite food is any sort of meat.
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G'day! Well. Lets sip the waffle. I am Alliance, known to many as Alex and few as the first one. Human I may appear but Dingo/Wedge-tail I am. Oh don't i sound all smart like. I better stop it before I confuse myself.

Now, Basics. I'm a 16yr old Therian and I believe in God. What do I want to be? Well, its a toss-up between a Zoologist and an Equine Rescuer. Currently slogging through the near end of my school life, and considering volunteer work at the National Parks. I also possess a very grumpy 'k' key so exscuse if I leave any out.

But to the other bits of me. Dingo, Canis Lupus Dingo, Australian Wild dog is just one piece with it tending to be predominant over my Aquila Audax at school. I'm you're average of both bits, nothing special. I happen to know a Jaguar, my best mate actualy. We have a tendancy to put aside some species disputes to have a sturdy friendship, and hunt ibis together...not kill because out parentals would have a fit.

That's me summed up short as I can.

How are the rest of ye all?

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Hey everyone :] I'm Ruth, though I'm not new to animal-quills. It's been a rough year for me but things are getting better. I've been around a few times under a few names and a list of those few names are in my profile. I'm hesitant to define myself at the moment because within the past two years I have been seriously questioning/doubting/dealing with a lot of identity issues, but I've been identifying with cat for about two years. Eventually I'll be writing more about my experiences but I'm currently at finals time in college and I've got lots of other things on my mind. I appreciate understanding my situation and not being able to fully describe my animalness.

Regardless, I've been thinking about this place since it's been around. I'm happy to see this place continue to grow, we need places where we can share our experiences and art. Glad to be back and writing again. Below is my response to an older prompt as I had some notes on it already and I'd like to share it with you. This has been edited and compiled over months of writing. Keeping a notebook on hand has been one of the smartest decisions I've made!

Self Representation )
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Hey there, folks. My name's Kusani - I'm a lioness-woman. I've been watching this community for... well, a long time... and I figure it's about time that I step out of the shadows and actually introduce myself.

I'm from West Virginia, and I live in Colorado now, near Denver. I'm close enough to the foothills of the mountains to be content, and I have a good view of the city lights from my second story apartment's little deck. I live with one small dog, two cats, three plants, and no humans. I work as a web and graphic designer, as a search engine optimizer, and as a copywriter. I write sci-fantasy novels on the side and participate in National Novel-Writing Month every year. I love inventive video games, science and zoology, and stories that tug on the heart-strings. Oh, and I'm an eclectic pagan-ish person.

Those're the basics, and honestly, those don't matter that terribly much for this particular community, but hey, an intro's an intro, right? Well, let's flip the coin and take a look at the animal side of things.

Tawny fur and brown eyes and warmth. )
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A brand new face. And a domestic at that. Wanna meet a Welsh Corgi?


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