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Name:Animal Quills
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Community description:Animal Quills is a creative community for animal-people to share their written works and discuss.


Animal Quills is a community for animal-people to post their written works and thoughts - essays, poetry, experimental writings, musings, stories, calligraphy, ... (this is a place of interest for people who are animal, not a place to roleplay as animals). Those writings must be related in a way or another to animal-folk, experiencing one's animal, and such as. Although it was admittedly created for the "mundane" therianthropes (living or extinct theriotypes), we welcome otherkin at large who feel animality is a strong part of their being, such as theriomythics (ie. gryphons, phoenikoi, dragons, kitsunes, etc).

This community is more like a creative group - not suited for asking questions or the usual 101 forum topics (terminology, requests for guidance, theories on the origins of therianthropy and other "what if... what if..." ponderings). Instead, we'd like to foster musings about the here-and-now practical experience of being animal; discussions on the posted writings are of course encouraged! Introductions are much appreciated as well so don't be shy if you're new around, tell us about your animal-self and what brings you here! :)

Just so you know, some of us regularly or solely post locked entries here, and so if you're following the community without joining as a member you won't notice any private update. Also please do not repost our writings elsewhere without the author's explicit permission, whether they are locked entries or public ones.

Some useful links:

  • Disclaimer Thingy: this explains in detail the community's spirit and moderation.

  • Tags List: you can use them to help keeping the content easy to browse.

  • Submissions Index: a summary of all past writings that links to each entry.

  • Feed on LJ: to keep up with Animal Quill's updates through LJ (please don't comment there, we can't read you and won't answer! You can use your LJ here as an OpenID to comment, or create a DW account for this purpose).

The current administrator/moderator(s) of this community is: [personal profile] feralkiss. Contact him if you have any issue or questions.


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