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Argggh. Too much going on this month--new job, book stuff, artwork, etc., etc., etc. :P But here's what I wrote:


Therianthropy and Totemism )


I'll probably end up rewriting this, once I've had time to ruminate over it further. But these thoughts have been bouncing around inside my head for a while, and the most recent prompt was a good excuse to get them out.
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Firstly, to those of ya'll that posted on my extinction essay, thanks, sorry for getting back to ya'll so slowly (my work life was mega-busy for a while), and I answered you all. And thanks again. *tail wags*

Secondly, I posted this in my journal and thought some of you would be interested:......

I was a Mouse once. I was Mouse. Lost in a universe of grain. Scurrying. Hurrying. Trying to Live. Live like all others on this Earth.
A shadow passes over with the impact of a lightning strike. Quick as lightning. Lethal as lightning.
Vertigo. Pain. Fear as raptor claws take me into the sky. So, so high into the sky. Then no pain. No fear. I know I am in the grip of Death-from-the-Sky. I know I will die. But I do not rage against my fate. I do not feel regret or longing for I am Mouse.
And then I am Human.
A human who has learned a bit of humility. A human who is humbled by the fact that her human-drama is no more or less grand than the drama played out each day by Mouse. A human who shed her ideas of what humans consider grand, impressive, beautiful, or important.
Respect and Honor to you Mouse!

Note and explaination on my "style": For some reason I wanted to write on one of the most deepest shapeshifts I've ever experienced. It was my second purposeful shamanic one actually, the first one being a meld with a black leopard in a tunnel-like cave.
I was excited by my experience with the leopard, so I entered trance and simply asked any animal-spirit to show up and "teach me something I must be taught". I found myself as a human standing in a field of some sort of grain. I saw a mouse scurrying near my foot, and the rest is as above.
Writing about shifts of any sort is very hard. Unless I am analysing them, in order to communicate, I tend to write more free form. Making myself remember, get back into what happens when I shift, whether it is my natural dire-wolf-mind or shamanic shapeshifting, and then trying to write "proper" English...it just doesn't work.
Also, when I write about the lessons a spirit has taught me in a pritate medium, I always end it with some form of thanks to that spirit.


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