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Trying to identify the essence of the marbled cat is like trying to identify the shape of smoke. Like smoke, the marbled cat is defined by its ever-changing, paradoxical shifting form. The marbled cat is smoke in shape, having traits of both the large and small felines. For a long time it was a loss to find where in the gene classification it belonged. A cat made of the pieces of other cats.

Subtle and unseen but striking to behold, the marbled cat has many traits unlike other felines entirely, making it both feline and other-than-feline in essence and form. The full zygomatic arch of the skull, the long canine teeth which are remnants of another time, combined with their own recent adaptations of smallness, a tail the length of the body, an arched back, and a coat pattern unique to the species, make the marbled cat a creature of its own design. Indefinable, it undulates between past and future, large and small feline.

The marbled cat may curl its tail in a circle when sitting and holds it parallel to the spine and upwards when moving, never letting it fall lower or touch the ground. The tail is a most important appendage, more than claws, or teeth, it is necessary for movement in the treetops, necessary for the agility and balancing abilities that allows this cat to capture it's life's blood. An acrobat with its baton.

The spine is supple as oiled sinew. Arched, then contorting, curving, forming to the shape of the branch it stands on. It's like a young green sapling itself, strong enough to hold the fruit but flexible enough to bend to the strongest wind. The back legs are longer than the front, looking clumsily made of mismatched parts when on the ground. Paws are large and toes conform to every nook in the branch, pads feeling the shape and roughness underneath, claws keeping the contact. Legs muscles made for springing, balancing branch to branch. Form shifting from round crouch to straight leap, sleek in body, light, formless.

Each cat has their own unique coat pattern that can vary more wildly between individuals than in any other cat species. Each is like a quilt made of parts of other fabrics. Mottled down the spine, spotted on the legs, marbled down the sides, rosetted on the shoulder, striped on the face, running random down the tail. But always soft, thick, tongue rough against the plush.

The marbled cat perceives the world mainly through sight and touch. Large eyes capture every light. Movement fascinating to behold, shadows and sparks of bright through the branches giving definition to the forms it will chase. Cheeks rub against bark to define boundaries. Whiskers feeling every twig and leaf brush past with a tingling pressure on the cheeks. Scent is a signature. Sounds give shape to the unseen.

The marbled cat energy is intense and subtle, sweet and spicy, easy to see and impossible to behold. It cannot be captured, categorized, or caught in a grasp. It deludes touch, defies shape, a substance that is everything and nothing. In-between here and there. It is said to be a ghost.
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Disclaimer: This essay relies quite a bit on my hindsight and memory. Both, unless one is a robot, are often very flawed, even if they are the only hindsight and memory I can make use of for this purpose. Do kindly keep that in mind when reading.

Also, this may border what the spirit of the group says should be posted here; if so someone tell me and I'll delete it.


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(This was written back in July 2011. I might go back and modify it someday, but not today. Today, I'll merely post it here.)

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I finally finished my tentative essay about clouded leopards in South-East Asia in relation to other feline folklore. It's a bit long so I'm afraid of crossposting it too much, so instead I will direct you to the Beyond Awakening entry for reading, as well as my own website if you're more comfortable with light fonts on dark backgrounds (as I am). Feel free to comment on either blog for further discussion!

I also have another essay from earlier this year that I still need to post outside of my private journal, as I had mostly forgotten to do so, but it'll wait a little more so that you can have the time to comment if you feel inclined to do so without being too overwhelmed by my ramblings. ;)
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Edit: Totally unrelated to the essay shared here, but feel free to introduce yourself and post your own writings of course! I'm posting more of my own stuff as a mean to encourage others to write more, it feels a bit intimidating being the only DW poster so far. ^^'

This place is about you and your experiences, and of course you don't have to enter the sort of lengthy somewhat-scholary ramblings that follows below. Use the style that suits you, talk about what makes sense to you (or what doesn't and why), share your ponderings with us!

I'm still available by private message if there is any issue or question regarding this place.


[This is the improved version of a writing I shared in my journal recently; I may tweak it a bit more before putting it up on my site, but here goes! It's a bit long but hopefully you'll find it as interesting as some others have. It mixes animality with others aspects such as integrity and social issues, I guess.]

This is about animality, especially feline animality or felinity, as well as ethics. Mostly it is about how they intersect, and pondering over integrity and social issue as an animal-person and my own self-realizations. The following is a collection of thoughts that were gestating since 2005 but that I finally developped during the year of 2010.

There is no definite conclusions that I draw, more like a pattern I sense through the prism of my personal experience as a trans and animal-person. Of course there is a part of criticism in this writing, especially self-criticism, but this essay is more like a tool for self-awareness, to reflect on what makes us who and what we are. How I processed these realizations was non-linear and made possible because of the specific experiences and teaching I went through, so I'll try to give you a bit of context.

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I finally got this essay finished, even though I had planned to start and finish it a few weeks ago.  There's the potential for me to eventually add some more to it (in the copy I'll have on my site), particularly in the cat and horse sections, if I should later on decide to include any other aspects or experiences that seem relevant which I didn't cover in it at this point.

What I am

Mar. 31st, 2008 03:47 pm
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My personal animalness essay. A work in progress. Feel free to leave comments or questions about anything in it, or anything I haven't covered.

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Not late yet, but coming towards the end of the year. I hope everyone's been enjoying their holiday season :] This is not yet finished and refined, so if you'd like to crit please do so with this in mind - I'm trying to tell what and why I feel the way I do about City, it's definition and my sensory perception of it. This correlates to where I grew up and where I live now, how I feel about it, and it's more creative than academic. This is a first draft, and I take any thoughts/questions to it. I'll respond by editing and posting a finished version later.

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Hey there, folks. My name's Kusani - I'm a lioness-woman. I've been watching this community for... well, a long time... and I figure it's about time that I step out of the shadows and actually introduce myself.

I'm from West Virginia, and I live in Colorado now, near Denver. I'm close enough to the foothills of the mountains to be content, and I have a good view of the city lights from my second story apartment's little deck. I live with one small dog, two cats, three plants, and no humans. I work as a web and graphic designer, as a search engine optimizer, and as a copywriter. I write sci-fantasy novels on the side and participate in National Novel-Writing Month every year. I love inventive video games, science and zoology, and stories that tug on the heart-strings. Oh, and I'm an eclectic pagan-ish person.

Those're the basics, and honestly, those don't matter that terribly much for this particular community, but hey, an intro's an intro, right? Well, let's flip the coin and take a look at the animal side of things.

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