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I finally got this essay finished, even though I had planned to start and finish it a few weeks ago.  There's the potential for me to eventually add some more to it (in the copy I'll have on my site), particularly in the cat and horse sections, if I should later on decide to include any other aspects or experiences that seem relevant which I didn't cover in it at this point.

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Not late yet, but coming towards the end of the year. I hope everyone's been enjoying their holiday season :] This is not yet finished and refined, so if you'd like to crit please do so with this in mind - I'm trying to tell what and why I feel the way I do about City, it's definition and my sensory perception of it. This correlates to where I grew up and where I live now, how I feel about it, and it's more creative than academic. This is a first draft, and I take any thoughts/questions to it. I'll respond by editing and posting a finished version later.

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I can't say for certain exactly how much sense this will make to you guys just reading it without knowing exactly what goes on inside my head (I kind of rambled, so it's a bit unpolished), but I think I was able to make my thoughts clear enough. Hopefully. :P

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I took a somewhat broader and more extensive approach for the "representation of Self" prompt option (I think this is the first time I actually got a writing finished the month it's a chosen prompt).  As usual I'll also be putting this essay up on my website soon.

When it comes to an image or concept of mine in which to represent myself, or for what I “look like” in my mind’s eye, there is no defining answer to that.  Although I’m a visual artist and love to do depictions of various things I imagine or see in my mind, including character concepts, I don’t recall ever ‘seeing’ a clear, or even remotely clear, visual image of myself in my mind.  Honestly, how I ‘view’ myself is actually more understanding and “feeling” than it is visualization, though there is some visualization to it.  There’s also not one sole way I view myself, it’s a somewhat fluid concept that extends to certain boundaries—within my theriotypes and certain human or humanoid concepts I have of myself, but within those boundaries it’s not a concrete, solid concept.  There is some idealism to it, though not much I’ve consciously chosen, and specifics are few.


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(Representation of the Self)

Well.. It's written now, and painting homework calls.

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I haven't written anything in a while, I suppose this is for the August prompt? I'm gearing this more towards the art aspect and how I represent myself through my art.

EDIT: I am finding this really hard to write about, for some reason. I keep writing and erasing paragraphs because nothing sounds right :/

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Hmm... It seemed like a good prompt, but it came out all wrong. Oh well. Maybe I'll try to come back later and edit it so it at least makes a little sense.
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As many of you know, our esteemed administrator [livejournal.com profile] aloiis is experiencing technical difficulties. He sends his best wishes to you all and has asked me to post this month's poll for writing prompts. I've decided to leave in most of the topics from the last poll, as the results were never officially announced, although I have removed a few that simply weren't getting any votes and I have also added one or two new topics.

As always, we remind our members that these are but suggestions to stir the blood of the mind. We encourage our members to write about whatever topics they are passionate about (assuming that they remain within the community's guidelines, of course... *wink*).

(As a side note, I've attempted to edit the descriptions of the topics to be more inclusive in language of newer members from the otherkin community. As I do so, however, it becomes readily apparent that I'm not all that up on the terms/language used by members of that community. If the terms that I have chosen are not appropriate/usual, I do hope that our newer members will forgive me and gently instruct me. Thank you.)

[Poll #1015649]

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I know its a little late, and it wasn't actually written for the prompts, but rather its an essay originally written for a book of essays (most of which which originally appeared on LJ and my website) that i should be releasing soon.It does fit the theme of perception for me, so here we go.

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The results are in, and this month's prompts are Fire and Perspectives!

As usual, the goal is to submit something on either subject by the end of March. Poetry, fiction, essays, musings, whatever strikes your spark, so to speak.

Personally, I can't wait to see what everyone has to say on either subject, so let's get out there and write! :D


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