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It's been months since anyone has posted in this community, and except for the essay I'm posting now, I haven't completed any therianthropy or otherwise relevant writings for this group's subject focus (though I have been writing, just on other topics).  It offers up a more sufficient explanation of how I view my therianthropy, not in the sense of causes, but in how I view and feel about myself as being an "animal-human", especially about that notable human aspect of having a human body and thus a human brain.  The title ("Skin Deep") is basically a play on words that seemed oddly fitting.  I sought to describe me being human and non-human without restraining the associations of body with just outward appearance, or the faults and negativities of the human species in general (nor simply the good of that species), and took the route of noting things about body that are important to who, how, and what I am, not just as human but as non-human.  And it portrays for me, my view of how my own human body is not a superficial thing, vessel, or cage.

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