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Not late yet, but coming towards the end of the year. I hope everyone's been enjoying their holiday season :] This is not yet finished and refined, so if you'd like to crit please do so with this in mind - I'm trying to tell what and why I feel the way I do about City, it's definition and my sensory perception of it. This correlates to where I grew up and where I live now, how I feel about it, and it's more creative than academic. This is a first draft, and I take any thoughts/questions to it. I'll respond by editing and posting a finished version later.

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Hey everyone :] I'm Ruth, though I'm not new to animal-quills. It's been a rough year for me but things are getting better. I've been around a few times under a few names and a list of those few names are in my profile. I'm hesitant to define myself at the moment because within the past two years I have been seriously questioning/doubting/dealing with a lot of identity issues, but I've been identifying with cat for about two years. Eventually I'll be writing more about my experiences but I'm currently at finals time in college and I've got lots of other things on my mind. I appreciate understanding my situation and not being able to fully describe my animalness.

Regardless, I've been thinking about this place since it's been around. I'm happy to see this place continue to grow, we need places where we can share our experiences and art. Glad to be back and writing again. Below is my response to an older prompt as I had some notes on it already and I'd like to share it with you. This has been edited and compiled over months of writing. Keeping a notebook on hand has been one of the smartest decisions I've made!

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I know its a little late, and it wasn't actually written for the prompts, but rather its an essay originally written for a book of essays (most of which which originally appeared on LJ and my website) that i should be releasing soon.It does fit the theme of perception for me, so here we go.

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I suppose my thoughts reign control at the moment. I'll let them out. This is no plea, and I respect any and all opinions, positive or negative to this. Feel free to discuss.. I've been thinking about these things for a while.

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Mar. 20th, 2006 05:14 pm
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Short, rapidly inspired piece about the differences in bodily locomotion between a quadruped and a biped, also touches on senses and personal vision.

More poetic than explanatory, methinks, but take it as you please.

Comments, opinions, critiques, all welcome.

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