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I'll add more as we post (you can make suggestions as well if you can't find what you're looking for).

It's helpful to try to be concise when tagging your entry; think of it like "so, what's my main point in here anyway?"; it's not because you briefly mention gender, spirituality or another topic that you have to use all the tags. Species are categorized as "feline, vulpine, ursine" and such so it's easier to browse for possibly similar experiences, contrary to over-specific species.

Moderators may edit an entry's tags if those are missing or innacurate.

Current tags (a non-exhaustive list) :

  • animal people - on animal people, eh

  • animality - our animal nature (intensity, changes, experiences that don't fall under "senses", etc)

  • avian - on bird experiences

  • arthropod - on insect, arachnid and crustacean experiences

  • body - body modification, body image

  • books - related to something you've read

  • brain - (atypical) neurobiology; synesthesia, dysphorias, etc

  • canine - on canid (dogs, wolves, foxes, etc) experiences

  • corvine - on corvid (crows, ravens, magpies, etc) experiences

  • dreams - writings/musings on animal-related dreams

  • essay - more scholary-like writing and ponderings

  • extinct - on extinct species experiences

  • family - the people dear to our hearts

  • feline - on cat experiences

  • gender - on gender, agenderism, transgenderism and such

  • humor - less serious/funny musings dealing with being an animal person

  • improper - entries that does not suit with AQ's essence, themes and purposes

  • intro - introduction or containing your introduction

  • introspection - soulsearch, introspective ponderings and similar thoughts

  • lupine - on wolf experiences

  • moderation - administration-related entries and announcements

  • musings - general ponderings and thoughts on animalness/animal people

  • pack/pride - pretty self-explanatory

  • prompts - animal quills writing prompts

  • senses - on senses/perception (about self, surroundings, etc)

  • sexuality - related to sexuality, asexuality, homosexuality, pansexuality and so on

  • spirituality - animalness and spiritual musings/essays, gods, etc

  • stories - animalness related to past events and such

  • tales - myths on shapeshifters and animals

  • territory - on territory, territoriality and the like

  • totems - related specifically to totems, animal guides/animals spirits in a more general way, etc

  • ungulate - on hooved-people's experiences

  • ursine - on bear experiences

  • vulpine - on fox experiences

Contact the administrator if you have questions/suggestions, or comment here. :)


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